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What is DocDo?

DocDo is a completely intuitive and interactive online tool that provides a customized 3D virtual reconstruction of organs for each patient based on Computed Tomography or MRI scans.
All 3D models are created by a group of experts in imaging, radiologists and surgeons dedicated to create the best possible three-dimensional reconstruction.
DocDo models allow a complete understanding of anatomy for the best surgical planning with maximum security.
We provide an app for smartphones and tablets to allow the portability of 3D models and their use before and during surgery.

Why use DocDo?

During surgical planning the medical team uses images of CT-Scan or MRI to understand the anatomy of each particularly case. At this point, surgeons are forced to create three-dimensional mental maps based on these 2D grayscale imaging to plan the surgery. Thus, the more complex the case, the more difficult to completely understand the anatomy, which may compromise the quality of the surgery. By using DocDo, our team reconstructs the entire anatomy of the organ providing a three-dimensional, interactive reconstruction that allows the surgical team to fully understand the anatomy for a better planning and improve surgical outcome.